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Our morning routine is key to setting up how our day is going to pan out, when we first wake up we are very susceptible to whatever we allow to enter our field of consciousness; this tends to set the tone for the day that we are going to have. Or at least our perception of it!

Breathwork helps to alkalise the body, remove toxins, aid physical recovery, provide mental clarity & focus amongst many other things!

If you wish to start off your day in a high vibe, fun & empowered way, join us for a morning breathwork routine to kick off your day sharper than a double espresso!


The routine involves either sitting or lying and breathing in a variety of different ways, against an evocative soundtrack, allowing for any stagnant energy to shift - leaving you feeling light, focused & joyful as you move about your day!


Dom Hamill

I'm a certified breathwork facilitator & energy worker. I have a passion for helping others find inner & outer...

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