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Correct your posture


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45 minutes

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A 45 min class based on good posture to prevent neck and back pain, common in office settings. The 6 principles focuses on Alignment, Breathing, Core, Balance, Coordination and Stability which supports spinal alignment.

According to an article by Medical & Clinical Research- The current lifestyle, with its increased use of modern technologies, has determined modifications in people’s behavior, making individuals more sedentary and with inappropriate body habits. Posture is one of the most important factors affecting the physical and mental status of an individual. (M&C Volume 6 | Issue 01 | 93)


What you will learn- Set up and warm up- Explanation about what Pilate offers and posture analysis (Individual analysis are given in one to one sessions)- You will work on neck, shoulder, core, leg and back exercises - Cool down, balance and stability exercises


Online class: Please log in and make sure you have either a mat or a towel, water and a small pillow- (Optional) Outside: Information coming soon due to Covid updates

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Gina Ann

Mat Pilates and reformer instructor- Correct your posture