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After Work Vinyasa Flow with body scan relaxation


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60 minutes

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What you will be doing

Treat yourself with this vinyasa flow class to activate and stretch your body after a long working day!

This flow is designed to improve the flexibility, release tensions and calm the mind. The final body scan allows you to tune deeper into your body and to re-connect to your physical self.

A regular vinyasa practice helps us build physical and mental resilience to stay healthy and happy and creates positive patterns that you can take forward beyond lockdown!


We are starting with a mindful centring to tune onto our mat, followed by a short warm up, and we continue with a sequence of standing asanas and final floor stretches, before going into Savasana & the body scan relaxation. This is a gentle but dynamic flow, and you will be encouraged to stay in each posture for at least three breaths.

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