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An online class for beginners and advanced students who want to FEEL GOOD as they move through their practice, achieving more flexibility, improving stability and improving TISSUE REGENERATION: It combines a slow paste flow of Asanas in the first half of the class with a more relaxed ‘YIN’ style of practice in the second half where little or none muscular work will be involved. For someone who is already practicing sport this might be a complimentary practice to stretch the body and rejuvenate some areas of the body such as joints and ligaments. If you practice yoga this might be your chance to challenge yourself in allowing the body to stay still in some poses and feel inside. You will end up refreshed, relaxed and recharged. Dm please for any enquiry or special request for the class.


Often I start the class with a couple of rounds of Classical Style Sun Salutation which sets the foundation to a proper engagement of your body, as well as you will start developing a more confident approach to a yoga practice, as you keep on practicing.

Then I would target some specific areas but still working the whole body, joints, ligaments, muscles. It is not an extreme class, but you will find some challenges for sure. My flows (combination of different poses) contain similar Asanas which I combine differently so you can explore transitions from one Asana to the next.

Towards the end of the class I will guide a short meditation for help you even go deeper in your relaxation. From time to time I might use Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, bells to create a different vibe .

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Iuri Soham

On Line from Ibiza to guide you on an inner journey through your Body to achieve more flexibility, energy, cla...