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Introduction to Pole


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E13 9BP, Walton Road

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E13 9BP, Walton Road

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Dance Fit

60 minutes

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What you will be doing

This class will give you a basic understanding of the strength, stamina and flexibility you can expect to achieve if you decide to pursue it as a hobby. You will learn key beginner moves before putting together your very first routine. Expect to work hard and have loads of fun! Pole is for every kind of body, so don’t worry if you don’t have upper body strength or know how to dance - that will all come in time.


This one hour class begins with a warm up, followed by learning 3/4 moves on the pole before putting together a short, beginner-friendly combo.

Moves include: Pole walk, step around, basic spin, fireman spin, attitude spin, basic climb, pole sit

E13 9BP, Walton Road

Maria Matheson-Dounaeva

Pole Teacher, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

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