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Bua Fit
Bua Fit

Thursday Hatha Yoga in Gladstone Park


Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

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Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

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75 minutes

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This class consists of traditional yoga postures to improve strength and suppleness, breathing practices and time to quieten the mind. Mixed level class, also suitable for beginners.


This class starts with a simple meditation to settle us in, following by body and joints warm up. We move through various yoga poses, unblocking energies and strengthening the body, reaching the end with some deep stretches and relaxation. A soothing practice to end the day.


Oak tree in front of the playground.

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Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

Carina Bidese

I am a soulful yogini experiencing a self-development journey over 15 years. My purpose is to share wisdom and...