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MOS, Movement Optimisation Science, coupled with Pilates will help you move like you were born to. This is a masterclass in efficient mobility, muscle synergy, and full motor control.

▶️ Feel free in your skin ▶️ Improve athletic performance ▶️ Stop pain before it hits

Boost your physical wellness through a 2-pronged approach: Improve posture, overall strength, and flexibility. Reduce injury, build injury resistance, rehabilitate, and reduce recovery times.Stop firefighting symptoms that come and go.


The class starts low and slow. Preparing the body for the work to come and lengthening common over-active muscles. We then focus on activating common under-active muscles, integrating to train the collective synergistic function of all muscles, whilst exploring and pushing boundaries mentally.

Expect an informative and transformative practice that weaves clinical experience with on the mat movement.

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Adonis Angelides

19 Years of Professional Experience Master Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor Key Specialisms: - Strengt...

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