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Old Billingsgate Walk, London

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Old Billingsgate Walk, London

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Stretching is so last year! It’s all about mobility now. Making sure that your body is properly prepared and flexible will allow you for better movement during the workout and picking up that pen you dropped, whilst bending backwards! I promise you after this class you will be able to squat for longer, go deeper with your lunges and improve your overhead presses. Your whole body will thank you by moving safer, further and better. Cirque Du Soleil here you come!!!


From resistance bands, through foam rollers to lacrosse balls and percussion therapy. We go though all different poses, dissolving those tensions, kinks and limitations of the body. All that and a great 70 BPM playlist.


Next to the river, at the back of the Old Billingsgate building. Mats will be provided. Bring bottle of water.

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Old Billingsgate Walk, London

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