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Core FIT


Porchester Square, London, W2

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Porchester Square, London, W2

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45 minutes

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Core FIT is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve posture and to tone your abs. Sculpt your way to defined abs with our Irish gem and Personal Trainer, Casey.

Put your core to the test with the ab burning workout you’ve been looking for! Achieve toned and defined abs with this bodyweight workout with extra emphasis on the core! Combining sweaty cardio circuits with high repetition ab exercises to improve core strength, stability and increased ab definition.

Core FIT is suitable for all fitness levels with modifications provided for all exercises. Casey will encourage you to challenge yourself each session to see those results!


Beginning with a full body warm up to mobilise, loosen and engage the muscles

This 45min workout will combine full body sweaty circuits with ab blast circuits to burn fat whilst strengthening ab muscles, helping to give you sculpted and defined abs. Using bodyweight only you will plank, crunch & twist your way to a stronger core and tighter, flatter abs.

Finished with a full body cool down of slow stretches and breathing techniques to completely de-stress.


If you have any injuries or medical conditions please contact Casey prior to the class beginning via Bua Fit direct message. Grab some water and an exercise mat and you’re ready to go!

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Porchester Square, London, W2

Casey Brinn

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