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Bua Fit
Bua Fit

Boost Morning Energy


Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

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Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

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45 minutes

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Elevate your morning energy.


You came, you did, and you’ll conquer all the tasks of your day. A 45 min session to power you through your working day. Embrace the power of a morning workout: · Boost your focus. · Thrive with an early energy spike. · Shake off morning negativity. · Re-align posture, loosen tight shoulders, and stiff necks.

Who? Anyone who struggles to fit a workout into their day. This is all the exercise you need, and it can be done before you take your kids to school or go to work. Bring a friend to get a real workout buzz.


ROUTINE The warm-up loosens the spine to improve 360 mobility. Core exercises follow to further support our spines in our al deskco lifestyle. Expect stress relieving long stretches for the legs, back, and arms, followed by an all over body blitz to get the heart rate up. A relaxing cool down draws the session to a close. This will loosen any niggles and focus our breathing to induce calm. This is the opportunity to boost your morning energy.


Don't forget to get a cup of coffee and bring your mat!

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Gladstone Park, Mulgrave Road, NW10 1BT

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