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Bua Fit

HIIT and Run 👊🏃‍♂️🏃🏿‍♀️


Belair Park, Dulwich, SE21

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Belair Park, Dulwich, SE21

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60 minutes

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Tired of the same tree ? Run away! A First dynamic class that combines a full body workout with run and sprints! All levels are welcome!


After a nice warm up at the meeting point we will jog to the first station and slowly bring the intensity up . This workout is a mix and match of sprints, strength, run , jog , abs and more ! All the stations are spread out around the park and each station will include a different bodyweight combo ! The session will end with a power-walk back to the meeting point , stretching and breathing exercise that allow a gradual decrease in your heart rate and help your recovery.


Meet at the kids playground - bring just water and a towel

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Belair Park, Dulwich, SE21

Giulia Schinzari

Hello Ciao ! I am a personal trainer for more than 4 years. Also I have a Sport Science Degree and Sport Mass...