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Dumbbell Conditioning At Home


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Strength & Conditioning

45 minutes

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Come join me for a fun and sweaty high intensity functional training session at home 💪!

Whether it is some short and explosive max effort work, the longer muscular endurance intervals, or anything in between, my classes will keep your muscles guessing and keep you on your toes (quite literally sometimes!).

Utilising both weighted and bodyweight movements combining with different time domain and intensity, the training stimulus of my class is constantly varied to tap into your hidden athletic potential 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️. The only certainly is how good you feel afterwards! 😎 You are going to learn some new skills, further develop your strength and improve your weakness so you are ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Let's get stronger together!!

All the workouts and movements are scalable to fit where you are on your fitness journey. Any questions, feel free to drop me a 📩


  • Warm up - mobility focused and movement drills

  • Main workout - 25-30 minutes depending on the session

  • Cool down


  • A medium dumbbell is recommended to get the best out of the sessions. Kettlebell is an ideal substitution and so is a heavy water bottle. If not, bring a backpack filled with objects and we can adapt accordingly

  • Trainers and/ or training floor mats are preferred if you are working out on a hard floor

*Medium = a challenging weight that you can press overhead for a couple of reps unbroken


Adam Fung

Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Coach. If you love functional training, weightlifting, gymnastics or sweat...

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