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Strong Flow


Online Class

You will be sent a link to the stream 15 minutes before the class starts.

Every Monday at 18:30



60 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

Strong Flow is a powerful class with creative sequencing. We will be focusing on strengthening asanas & building flexibility. If you are looking for an energising yoga class that will leave you feeling strong in your body but also in mind make sure to give this one a whirl. The flow will be building up towards a more "challenging" and fun peak pose (from side crows to the bird of paradise, all the great stuff). This will be presented with a variety of options making it accessible to different levels. We will end this practice with a guided Savasana.


Warm-up sequence - focusing on joints and the articulation of the spine; Creative variations of the traditional Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations); Warrior sequence & Standing balances; Peak pose (Balance challenging asana/Inversion/ Backbend etc. depending on the theme/focus of the class); Floor sequence - focusing on rebounding the body and grounding down; Savasana (guided meditation)


*This class is open to mix levels but not suitable for complete beginners. You will need a yoga mat and a block if you have one - you can substitute with what you have at home like a heavy book.


Frederika Pinterova

I'm a Vinyasa yoga teacher based in Hackney Wick, London. My classes offer creative sequencing adaptable to di...