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Iyenger Yoga


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West London Buddhist Centre, 45A, W2 5DP

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West London Buddhist Centre, 45A, W2 5DP

Every Thursday at 16:30



60 minutes

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What you will be doing

An Iyenger class( named as a reverence to Master B.K.S Iyenger) focuses on traditional Hatha Yoga poses, with the use of props that ensure proper alignment as well as helps limitations and conditions giving the added benefit of therapy within the class sequence.


The class will begin with grounding oneself in any meditative pose. Followed by Standing & seated Asanas with use of props where needed. The session ends with pranayama and relaxation


Yoga room at the West Buddhist Centre. The centre is a 5 mins walk from Bayswater station or 1 min away from the Royal Oak station.10 mins way from Paddington. You may contact 07587317377 for any query

West London Buddhist Centre, 45A, W2 5DP

Sneha Arora

Hatha Yoga, suitable for all levels