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Bua Fit
Bua Fit

Yoga for runners


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You will be sent a link to the stream 15 minutes before the class starts.

Every Thursday at 13:00



60 minutes

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What you will be doing

The ultimate rehab for all types of runner.

Yoga will build your mental and physical stamina whether you’re a sprint enthusiast, beginner jogger, brisk walker, or long-distance destroyer.

Expect sequences to supercharge running related form and flexibility. Yoga fights injury so you can train harder, better, and faster. Conveniently controls cortisol levels for mental prowess too.


Breathe, balance, behave! Strength-based sequence-driven yoga. Stretches to lengthen tight muscles and strengthen the core, feet, and ankles to improve running posture. Join weekly and you’ll notice improvements – on and off the mat.


meet at the north gate entrance


Lucy Lock

Teaching yoga the last 2 years in London before travelling and teaching in India Nepal Maldives Philippines Gu...