Every Friday

Yoga for All - Hatha Yoga flow


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Savoy Court Community Centre, 49, HA2 6BU

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Savoy Court Community Centre, 49, HA2 6BU

Every Friday at 18:30



60 minutes

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Yoga for All is exactly as it states. A yoga class that is accessible to all levels. The style of the class will depend on the teacher so it could be Gentle flow with traditional Hatha elements, Vinyasa flow, Kundali yoga, or something less specific. All classes allow the students to find comfort and stability in all the postures and sequences. A beautiful class for everyone to enjoy


Come in comfortable clothing, with a water bottle. We have a kitchen facility, two bathrooms, and hand sanitizer.


Near The Gym and Costa Coffee

Savoy Court Community Centre, 49, HA2 6BU

Soham Yoga (Srini)

Soham Yoga is a holistic way of energizing & integrating your mind, body, & spirit.