BUA FIT Trainer

Kissy Denton Savage

My name is Kissu Denton Savage, originating from the smiling coast of West Africa, from a young age I have been immersed in a rich environm...




My dance classes greatly involve the fun, stories and diversity of different dances that is bound to take you on a journey of rhythms and laughter without the need of a passport or visa โ€“ all the w...

Dance is food for the Soul! I have a fantastic class today, we dance, drop it and jiggle our way around various rhythms across the boarder. It was a nice aperitif avant petite dejeuner. A nice starter for the weekday. Happy weekend

Afro- Fusion - Dance is food for the Soul

Are you ready to dance and release all the Christmas and New year excess you picked up last year. If so, then fasten your seat belt and take a shot of brandy before we take -off. All you need is bag of๐Ÿ”ฅ energy๐Ÿ”ฅ, drink to hydrate and towel to wipe the seat. Destination - Africa & Caribbean Island Take off time - Sunday 0930am


Onesie Christmas in the jungle (before Tier 4) with the crew from all over the world. It It was an Epic experiences. We dance in the rain, saluted the earth , whispered to the trees and dropped 2020 to the station waiting to depart.