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You will be sent a link to the stream 15 minutes before the class starts.

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What you will be doing

The one and only barbell class.

A world-famous workout with you, your weights, and powerful lifting repetitions set to a killer soundtrack.

Highly effective resistance training to create a long, lean, strong physique, with Laz on hand to perfect your technique.  A multi joint and multi muscle all over workout to build strength and tone.

·        Fast paced high rep. ·        With your fave weights. ·        Low impact endurance training. ·        Work more muscles in less time. ·        Push yourself mentally and physically. ·        Anyone can do this!

This is fun group training with music to give you a boost beyond the exercise.


A slow warm-up to gear up the entire body. The main session is a carefully choreographed fun frenzy of weight-lifting exercises and poses. The cool down will massage your muscles and ensure you wake up tomorrow fresh and fiery.

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Lazuria Zaphet

I do fitness because this is my passion. I get results and it changed my life. I enjoy working with people in ...