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Boogie and Barre- it's a Sweatbox


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Total body is just that, total body strengthening, conditioning and workout. Barre is a great workout that combines not just dance, but also pilates, cardio, yoga and some good old school strength and tone fitness moves. Barre is also very much an interval, in that we will get your heart rate right up, then we'll go into moves where the body will be worked in a different way while the heart calms down ever so slightly before bring it back up. We focus greatly on the accuracy in the movement, alignment and posture. Let's get our bodies healthy, in tip top, happy condition to greet the beautiful sun, the rain, and whatever else that we will face with compassion and strength.


We will have a nice bit of warm up that gets the whole body moving and awake, from our toes up to our necks and heads! Then we will grab hold of a table/chair or indeed, a barre if you have one- and get working in a more precise manner on our glutes and posture. Then we will move back onto the mat to finish off with abs and nice chest opener and back strengthening work. The orders of all these might switch around. I aim to get your whole body singing!

And the Boogie part of the class? It's the last 10 minutes or so before we finish with a glorious stretch. We just get some catchy tunes on and dance! Dance like the whole world is dancing with you. Shake it all up and get the heart rate right up there. Impact totally optional. I was not sure about it, but it turns out to be many people's favourite part of the whole sweat box experience. So join us and have a Party to get the weekend started.

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