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Hatha translates to “sun” and “moon” me this refers to balance of masculine and feminine aspects of our lives. Masculine being active, hot, and sun and feminine being receptive, cool and moon. These aspects are within us all. Hatha creates the path to finding balance and harmony until in these opposing qualities.


Postures are held for extended periods usually 5, even 10 breaths using the Hatha breathing methods of breathing in and out of the nostrils. Hatha is the life and energy force created with the breath and without the breath we cannot transfer the energy from one limb to the other and gain flexibility. This is a strengthening practice both physically, mentally and emotionally and will improve your vinyasa practice also. We always finish class with a long Shavasana (final relaxation).

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Helen Barefoot

Helen found solace in the practice of fitness and yoga 10 years ago after a friend recommended a local Vinyasa...