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HIIT Circuit Circus At The Scoop

Community Class

The Scoop at More London, London, SE1

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The Scoop at More London, London, SE1

Your Trainer: Roksana Piech



60 minutes

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BUA is leading outdoor city fitness at THE SCOOP, as part of the 'Summer By The River' series. Every Monday at 17:45.

Join us in the outdoor amphitheatre for live and loud workouts whilst soaking up summer in the city.

This week come and jump into a serotonin fuelled series of circuits for a 360 body workout.


A sweat drenched carousel of bodyweight exercises arranged as short bursts of work followed by periods of rest. Join for a full body blitz with bodyweight moves that hit every muscle group. No tendon will be spared.

Roksana Piech leads this belter of a burn class. She believes in making small, compelling health changes that take real time, but that are truly transformative. Patience is power in Roksana’s books, and with it comes a journey of self-discovery, self-belief, and self-love.


The more the merrier - please share the class link with your friends and experience a session at The Scoop together.

The Scoop at More London, London, SE1

Roksana Piech

Changes need time so be patient, motivated and enjoy the process.

All classes with no client bookings get removed from the platform 12 hours before the start-time.