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Barre with Grace- Total Body barre workout and conditioning

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I first encountered Barre workout when I was at college and there was only Barrecore studio in London. And now you cannot look at any studio/gym/club without seeing Barre on the schedule. Though designed based on the subtlety, grace but super effective technique of classical ballet, it is a truly accessible total body workout that is beneficial for all who do not have any dance background as well as those who have. Barre workout focuses on not just the outer layer of muscles that is for show, but the deep layer of muscles that are the true building block of muscles and general shape and posture of the body. Barre workout is a mixture of general fitness moves to pilates to dance to some yoga. The range of movements are both compact and small and long and big- in order that we get to work out our whole body in the most effective way possible for both practical strength as well as aesthetic- which, let's face it, matters greatly.


Total body warm up in the mat without the barre (chair). Then move over to chair for legs and glutes work. Often finishes off back on the mat with core (abs, sides, back etc). Then woop woop we stretch.