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Join me for a strong start to your Saturday with a fitness-based approach to traditional Pilates. We still 100 percent apply the main principles of Pilates but mix things up with a sequence of standing postures, a broader spectrum of matwork and the use of small equipment (totally optional). But remember - Pilates is not just about your abs! It is a full-body workout that will help you do everything better - become leaner, longer, stronger and more mobile - a workout game changer whatever your fitness background.


After a good warm-up, a breath set and activation of all our key core muscles, we will play with fitness-based sets and reps to strengthen back, abs, glutes, inner and outer thighs. We will take care to stretch in between to lengthen whilst we strengthen. A mix of standing and matwork will ramp up your heart rate and your muscular endurance will have a ball! We will finish with some grounding, deeper stretches and breathwork.

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Jo Gosling

I've been a fitness coach for 18 years and never tire of the incredible buzz of seeing clients find the incred...

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