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Hello Morning Barre- Interval- Cardio, Tone, hiit


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If you love all that pumping heart rate and OPTIONAL impact, that sense of strength and like a warrior and feeling of being on top of the world, this is the class for you, Similarly, you love barre and dance and ballet and all that pointed toes and pretty arms and nice abs, this is the class for you.

Barre is a total body strength and conditioning workout that maximises the advantages from great disciplines such as Pilates, dance, general fitness, yoga. So whatever your background, there is nothing here that you have never encountered before, be it a plank to mountain climbers to sideline work to glute works, upper body, deep, deep, DEEP CORE work etc. And what's more, we work with our barefoot, so everything from your abs and ass to your fingertips and toes will all get a good workout. Join me and let's turn the heat up and keep it there.


We'll start with some side to side stretches to release our sleep-stiffened bodies and some hamstring stretches, rotation works and light leg lifts/or high kick, whatever takes your fancy, and we'll get stuck in. There will be the biggest range of movement that your flexibility will allow, and there will be small but precise movements where we locate and strengthen our deep buried, hidden muscles that are the true foundation, the true building block of our bodies. You will have murderous thoughts in the first few minutes of the class- the hope is that you will not mind me so much by the end of it.

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