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Outdoor Yoga in Waterbeach


Waterbeach Recreational Ground, Cambridge Road, CB25 9NJ

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Waterbeach Recreational Ground, Cambridge Road, CB25 9NJ

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Strength & Conditioning

60 minutes

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What you will be doing

Take your time to better understand how your body, mind and breath are supposed to work in harmony. In this class we will warm up and work with a few poses, teaching the body what the mind is telling it, using the breath to achieve this. Expect longer hold in poses, activating isolated muscles, opening and stretching targeted areas of the body. We might use props so bring along a scarf or anything similar to a yoga belt Once you start understanding what this body and mind of ours are capable of doing you will think of yourself as a superhuman :) Class is suited for anyone that is looking to deepen their yoga practice, or maybe just started and is curious to know more. Please bring your own mat, props and sanitiser.


We will start with a few minutes of seated grounding, connecting to our breath and allowing it to make space in our body and moving into a gentler warm up of our joints. Gradually will move into deeper stretches targeted to opening the areas of the body which we will use in our peak poses (maybe throw a Sun Salute or two to ignite some fire in the body). When we reach our chosen poses we will work on understanding why is everything happening as it is, observing the whole process as me move through our practice. We will finish with a grounding cool down that leads us to our final relaxation pose.

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Waterbeach Recreational Ground, Cambridge Road, CB25 9NJ

Gabriela Torcatoru

I started my yoga journey in 2016 and since then it has become my life. I gained my 500h YTT in India 2019 and...