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Buns And Guns


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What you will be doing

A 35 minute fun blast working the entire body, with a focus on our powerhouses - the booty and arms.

Start Monday feeling great with:

šŸŽµ Good tunes

āŒ› Efficient exercises - moves that work multiple muscle groups at any one time, so you get the results without wasting time

āš” New improved VA VA VROOM

This class is for those limited for time, but keen to see the benefits of efficient efforts.

Weights are needed for the class, but if you don't have them, let's get creative and grab water bottles, books or logs...

The routine changes every week to keep you progressing fast. Jump into a programme that'll keep you motivated to be in the best shape of your life.

All exercises are modified for different fitness abilities - strength in numbers, so let's do this!!!


šŸ”„ Warm up: 3-5 mins of moves to increase the heart rate and get the body ready.

šŸ‘ Main workout: 25 minutes of dumbbell moves and grooves to build strength.

šŸ’¦ Cool down: a blissful cool down loosening muscles and tight spots.


Stacey Lagonell

I'm all about the feel good vibes, motivating and inspiring people, showing them they can make changes to thei...

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