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Moon Camp (Women's VIIT Workout) FREE TRIAL!

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Dulwich Park, London, SE21

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Dulwich Park, London, SE21

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Moon Camp is all about working in tune with your body's natural cycle.

Do you find yourself skipping exercise at certain times of the month?

Do you notice the effect of your cycle on your energy and strength levels?

We will be focusing on how you can make the most of the high energy phases, help you stabilise your moods and energy levels during the tough patches and help you keep a consistent exercise routine throughout the whole month.


VIIT stands for Variable Intensity Interval Training. This style of workout is ideal for busy lifestyles as it incorporates varied types of fitness in one session. This format also lends itself to being adapted to our bodies' fluctuating needs. I will be offering different options throughout the session so every participant can modify every interval to suit. I will of course be offering guidance on this throughout.


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Dulwich Park, London, SE21

Sarah Aarons

South London based outdoor group fitness fanatic! Offering HIIT, Core, Strength, Mobility and Trampolining C...

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