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Vinyasa Yoga


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60 minutes

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Vinyasa otherwise known as flow yoga is a smooth transition between asanas (poses) in styles of modern yoga as exercise such as Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga, especially when movement is combined with the pranayama (the breath).


A series of yoga poses moving from one position to the next through a repeated sequence with rhythm and flow using the Ujjayi (victorious breath). An all-round energetic body and mind workout. My class always has a strong focus on the hips where we hold a lot of physical and emotional tension from sitting down at work desks on a day to day basis. You will leave feelings relaxed and rejuvenated for the week ahead.

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Helen Barefoot

Helen found solace in the practice of fitness and yoga 10 years ago after a friend recommended a local Vinyasa...