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Full Moon in Scorpio Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop


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We're inviting you to join us on Wednesday 18th May at 7:35pm UK for a graceful and nourishing Yin Yoga and Meditation practice lead by the incredible Amy Mercado of The Mercado Method. The Offering 19.35 Yin Yoga Practice 20:05 Guided Moon Meditation, Affirmation Setting & Journaling


Join us on Wednesday 18th May at 7:35pm in preparation for our Full Moon in Scorpio this week. Our Scorpio Full Moon is here to help us dive deep beneath our surface bringing a vast opportunity for transformation, stripping off our masks to reveal our vulnerable selfs that we so often hide from others and the world we live in. It is time to reveal what we have pushed down deep into our shadows and do some emotional healing. Perhaps you hold yourself back from fear of being seen, imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough or worthy? It is time to shine a light on these fears and face them with curiosity and compassion like a true warrior that you are and step into your POWER.

Recorded Catch Up Session Option This session will be available on catch up for 7 days to do in your own time if you are unable to attend the live session. The recording will not be available for download and after 7 days it will expire. Get in touch directly with Amy at ammieelou31@gmail.com with the confirmation of your booking to request the recording.

Yin Yoga 💙 At 7.35pm we will connect to Scorpio energy of Water complemented with the Earth energy of Taurus in our Yin Yoga practice. Taurus is here to bring us home to ourselves, reminding us to nurture the process so we can slow down and feel safe to be honest with ourselves and hold space to be vulnerable and feel our deep emotions so we can release them, freeing us of sabotaging patterns or behaviours we are ready to shed. Scorpio energy will allow us to face the parts we try to avoid or reject in ourselves so we can become more complete and self-accepting.

Guided Meditation 💚 At 8.05pm I will guide through a healing meditation with affirmations to help us slow down and give our minds a rest, becoming one with ourselves, to bring a deep sense of trust from within. Let us come home to our hearts and empower our inner warriors on this beautiful journey.

Journalling & Affirmations 💜 We will follow with some self-enquiry journalling to bring us strength over these next weeks with this magical energy.

What to Bring 💖 Please bring pen / pencil & paper / journal. Crystals are optional but bring a favourite if you have one. You may also wish to cleanse your space before your practice with some incense or sage. #fullmoon #newmoon #onlineyoga #onlinemeditation #onlinemoonworkshop #onlinefullmoonworkshop #onlinenewmoonworkshop #onlinelifementor #onlinebreathwork #onlineexerciseclasses #awakening #moonenergy #fullmoon2022 #newmoon2022 #yoga #breathwork #meditation #themercadomethod #livingconsciously #fullmoonintentions #newmoonintentions #astrology #onlinementor #wellness #health #meditation #guidedmeditation #journaling #affirmations #affirmationsetting #intentionsetting #intuition

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