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Yoga Nidra Bedtime Meditation


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Described as “dynamic sleep,” the Yoga Nidra practice allows the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert. Here’s what happens: over the course of falling asleep, brain waves move from the active, thoughtful beta waves then pass through the relaxed, thoughtless state of alpha waves and enter the slowest frequency of deep sleep, delta waves. Yoga Nidra guides practitioners into the “hypnagogic state”—the threshold between alpha and theta waves—the point where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid. It's a point “beyond the personality, where the logical, analytical aspect of the mind is suspended allowing you to attain deep relaxation. Researchers have found Yoga Nidra to improve blood pressure, heart rate variables, balance blood sugars and improve hormone irregularities in women. It’s also been shown to improve depression symptoms, stress, anxiety, and reduce insomnia and emotional reactivity. Participants also report better productivity, focus and emotional balance.


What do i need to prepare: a quiet place where i can lie down and be comfortable with cushions/pillows/blankets/eye patch to keep warm if needed - yoga mat on the floor is fine, or you can even lie down on your bed - it doesnt matter if you fall asleep as the meditation will still enter your subconscious via your alpha & delta brainwaves. Light some incence, burn a candle, get cosy and prepare for deep relaxation.


Enter via the Gore Road entrance just by Victoria Park Community Centre and head to the middle circular bit of the grass straight along from the entrance

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Mays Al-Ali

Mays has been teaching & studying yoga for the last 8 years spending years learning deep spiritual practises i...

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