Ice Bath & Movement Pop Up (Intermediate)


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The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW

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The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW


45 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

Come and join Matt and I for an ice bath and movement! If you have tried cold water immersion before or would like more of a challenge this is the ideal session you.

The water will be approximately 5° for this session.

Wear your regular swimwear for the ice bath. Rash vests or t-shirts can be worn for modesty, but less is better for the experience. We suggest wearing the swim gear to the venue to avoid changing twice.

Bring a towel and optionally a changing/bath robe and flip flops. A wooly hat is a good idea. And a set of workout gear for afterwards.

Changing there is a toilet which will be available but anyone with changing robes will be appreciated.

This isn't for you...

If you have underlying health conditions (i.e. heart disease, asthma, lung conditions) or any other medical conditions that might be affected by exposure to cold water, or if you are pregnant, then please seek appropriate medical advice before proceeding

£20 pay as you go or 2 class credits


Quick intro and plan, Split into pairs, Warm up, Dipping in pairs from 2-5mins each, Active warm up


To find the studio take the alley way next to Blackbird Bakery

The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW

Sarah Aarons

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