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Silent Disco Dance Party With Charlie Oh La La At The Scoop

Community Class

The Scoop, London, SE1 2AA

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The Scoop, London, SE1 2AA

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What you will be doing

If you’re ever sitting quietly and your brain goes “Shakira Shakira” you’re at the right class. Immerse yourself in music and dance. Grab our headphones and dance the night away with euphoric choreography.

🕺 Easy to follow euphoric dance sequences.

😀 Super social and fun.

🏁 Quadruple your daily step count in an hour.

💙Come and adore the way you move.

Invite everyone you know!


Expect to sweat. There's a short warm-up before jumping straight into a hedonistic pit of feet tapping, thigh slapping, hip shaking goodness to our favourite tunes. The cool down will soak you in stretches.


The perfect re-wind after time in the city. Join us for a Thameside super social workout overlooking City Hall and Tower Bridge.

The Scoop, London, SE1 2AA

Charlotte Chazel (CHARLIE OH LA LA)

Leave ordinary behind and unleash your Inner child! Dance yourself happy!

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