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Bua Fit
Bua Fit
Bua Fit

Ultimate Bodyweight Bootcamp 👊


London Fields, Hackney, E8 3PH

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London Fields, Hackney, E8 3PH

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60 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

Everything you need is inside you. Ditch dumbbells and deadlifts 🏋️‍♂️ and use your own body as resistance. Be your very own Mr Motivator fat incinerator with bodyweight postures and poses.

💪 Improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength in one sitting.

💪 Elevate your heart rate for fat burning bliss.

💪 The most efficient workout.

Every week is brand spanking new. Everyone welcome.


A warm up to set the pace. Expect long stretches and a cardio based warm up to boost heart health.

High intensity, interval training with a start and stop style of class.

We cool down with a walk, stretches and breathing exercises. You’ll walk away from the group ready to take on the rest of your day feeling strong and accomplished 💪


Meet by the playground at the Pub on the Park

This class takes place on multiple dates, view all available dates.

London Fields, Hackney, E8 3PH


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