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Barre Riot: Total Core and Cardio


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Ballet and fitness teachers Victoria and Flik at Sleek Technique (https://www.sleekballetfitness.com/) said that, core is basically right in the centre of us, very different from 'abs "Core starts below the collar bones and ends at the top of the thighs" It is everything front and back, side to side, top to bottom and everything in between of our torso. And all movements of arms and legs go right through our core.

In this short but compact and effective class, I aim to work the core via a total body angle. In some classes we might have a heavier focus on abs, but mostly even to do crunches properly, it involves the back and the sides. So there will be stability work and the more immediately recognisable core workout and generally, hopefully you'll feel that whole body getting a nice shake up and not just the 'abs'.

Great health to you all and see you in class.


Variety is key- there is no real 'rest' as such in the compact, 30- minute class. But we vary from movements to movements so all core will be worked without overworking any particular parts- resulting in fatigue and injury. There will be crunches and planks and side planks and stability, balancing work, as well as cardio- with the option of impact.

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