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Suspension Fitness 👊


Crystal Palace Park, London, SE19 2GA

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Crystal Palace Park, London, SE19 2GA

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45 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

Join me in the park for arguably one of the most effective full body workouts there is.

With a bit of help from our trusty friends... the trees!!

We will be using suspension straps to utilise our own bodyweight to perform dynamic compound exercises, targeting all of the major muscle groups.

Maybe you've seen these straps hanging around in the gym but never known what to do with them, or maybe you're a dab hand with them already. Options will be offered for every movement we will be performing, so the workout can be adapted for all levels, so no stress either way!


We will be starting off with a much needed mobility warm up followed by a sweaty cardio session, before turning our attention to each muscle group in turn for some serious resistance training. Finishing up with a chill out and stretch under the tree.


Please bring water and good vibes

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Crystal Palace Park, London, SE19 2GA

Sarah Adkin

South London based outdoor group fitness fanatic! Offering HIIT, Core, Strength and Trampolining Classes. Pre...