Every Wednesday

SILENT DISCO SOS (Strut Your Stuff)


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Balfour Primary School, Brighton, BN1 6NE

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Balfour Primary School, Brighton, BN1 6NE

Every Wednesday at 18:30

Silent Disco

60 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

Unleash your Inner Diva and feel free to express yourself! A liberating and empowering dance experience with Silent Disco headphones. Wearing the headphones takes you out of your head and into a safe space where you are free to let go and dance yourself fabulous! Super social, fun, immersive, stress releasing, and euphoric! Quadruple your daily step count in an hour and adore the way you move. Take to the dance floor with easy-to-follow moves that make you roar, freestyle fun, addictive anthems, and big bangers!

• Leave with sky-high confidence • Playful, theatrical, and fun • Creates community • Feel amazing NOW!

A delicious safe space to sprinkle confidence all over your life.

Notes Water is highly advisable. No dance experience is necessary. Invite all your friends!


The warm-up is a masterclass in expression and fun. Confidence boosting struts, attitude, and empowering movements. Launch into the party with easy-to-follow moves and then burn, weave, and grind like you’ve never ground before. A unique mix of dance moves, freestyle party dancing, and theatrical fun! Step out of the ordinary and into the party! Good vibes and a dose of sweating to upbeat music! Everyone is welcome - this is quite the feel-good show and laughter is very much welcome! Leave empowered, liberated, and fabulously you.


Parking is possible in the playground!

Balfour Primary School, Brighton, BN1 6NE

Charlotte Chazel (CHARLIE OH LA LA)

Leave ordinary behind and unleash your Inner Diva! Dance yourself happy!