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Quickie abs- or core


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Every Saturday at 9:30


30 minutes

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What you will be doing

This started life as an express abs class- but as we all can see that it quickly evolved into a total core workout. So front and back and side and side. Let's get that driving engine of our body in order. The stronger and healthier our core, and more attune we can be to our centre. At least we'll be much more sensitive to our cores' power and needs. Ultimately, the class is set up to be challenging but to allow you to feel great afterwards, and not crushed and disappointed. So join us for me core power fun.


Resistance such as light weight and resistant straps are optional. I'll provide you with idea on how to use it and when, and I will of course ensure that I provide enough modification. Mostly you'll find yourself doing core strengthening work standing up, planking (in all its guises, and I do emphasise that), laying down and on your sides. Though we focus mainly on our core, I believe in that the most beneficial kind of workout will take it to the rest of the body. So please expect the glutes, legs and arms to have some fun also- though they might not be centre stage, they are just as vital for a short, but effective and energising class.