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Retro Pump! 🏋️‍♀️🎶


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The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW

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The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW

Every Tuesday at 17:00

Body Shape

45 minutes

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Who needs a gym when you’ve got a resistance bar. Be ready to get pumping in time to the music. We will be working the full body, one lift at a time using a bar with adjustable resistance levels. Come and join me for some nostalgia, with playlists featuring an ecclectic mix of 80s and 90s classics.I take special requests…. if there is a tune you’d love to get pumping to… send it over!!


Starting off with a resistance free warm up, and then heading straight into our retro playlist. We will be moving in time to the music making full use of our adjustable resistance bars. Please rest assured the bars can be adjusted to suit all levels! Finishing off with a full chill out at the end... you'll need it!


Take the alley way next to the Blackbird Bakery.

The Little Escape Studio, Paxton Mews, SE19 3RW

Sarah Aarons

South London based outdoor group fitness fanatic! Offering Rebounding, Barre, VIIT, Core, Bodyweight Circuits...