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Barre Total Body Tone


Old Billingsgate Walk, Billingsgate

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Old Billingsgate Walk, Billingsgate

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45 minutes

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What you will be doing

Barre, is a Creative, Fun, Total Body Workout. Based on the strengthening elements of Ballet, it also draws on Pilates and Yoga; giving you a Low Impact Strengthening and Lengthening workout.

This is not a Dance Class, Open to ALL LEVELS.


Classes can usually be broken down into: Warm up, Standing section, Barre (you can use a wall or chair), Mat work, Cool Down. All exercises can either be equipment free, or taken up a level by adding weights, resistance bands and a variety of other props.


Meet at railing on the Waterfront, Please Bring a Mat/Towel to protect your body, Resistance Bands if you own any (I have some to Sell) You can also participate without.

This class takes place on multiple dates, view all available dates.

Old Billingsgate Walk, Billingsgate

Barre_Max Maxine Latinis

Founder of Barre_Max, Barre Based classes in London & Online. Maxine trained in Ballet from the age of 4, and ...

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