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Online Class

You will be sent a link to the stream 15 minutes before the class starts.

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Strength & Conditioning

30 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

What you will be doing?

Circucuits based workout - 3-4 different exercises in a row: upper body, lower, abs repeated 3x = 1 set

3-5 sets total

Muscle toning & calories burning workout the best for fat lose and endorphins loading!

You do YOUR best so doesn't matter if you're beginner or advanced !



1) 5 min warm up - dynamic stretches, mobility and movements raising your hart rate and preparing your muscles and joints to exercise!

2) 30 min workout

3) 5 min cooling down, stretching and relaxation for better mood :-)


mat or comfortable space on the floor bottle of water! your own energetic music in the background for better motivation weights and elastic bands - NOT NECESSARY - but can be used

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Ola C

Fitness coach helping people to feel great by being active! Find out more on Instagram @ola_c_fitness