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Bua Fit
Bua Fit
Bua Fit

Hackney Bua Boxing šŸ„Š


Victoria Park, London, E3 5TB

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Victoria Park, London, E3 5TB

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60 minutes

Class Details

What you will be doing

You're here to learn how to box. Gain the real skills and fitness needed to be ring-ready.

šŸ‘Š How to build power in your punches.

šŸ¤›šŸæ Improve co-ordination between legs and upper body.

šŸ¤œšŸ» Build self-confidence.


The session will start with a warm up of movements to loosen up hips, hip flexors, backs, and legs. Followed by:

šŸ„Š Shadow boxing

šŸ„Š Pad work

šŸ„Š Killer combos

šŸ„Š Defensive techniques

šŸ„Š Core crushing workout to improve stability.

The warm-down will soothe muscles and keep the DOMS to a minimum.


Meet at the bandstand as denoted by the pin. If you have gloves and a mouth shield please bring. Grab some water too.

This class takes place on multiple dates, view all available dates.

Victoria Park, London, E3 5TB


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All classes with no client bookings get removed from the platform 18 hours before the start-time.