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Rep It Like It's Hot: AmRap


London Fields, Hackney, E8 3EU

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London Fields, Hackney, E8 3EU

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45 minutes

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Famous for the highest training volume packed into any exercise class out there. AMRAP helps you track progress due to its stringent structure - you'll noticeably be able to do more and more reps week in week out. The acronym means "As Many Reps As Possible," or more optimistically, "As Much Revelry As Possible".

A physical and mental mindset of ‘give it your all or not at all’ is completely compulsory.


Set a timer, cruise through a set of exercises, then REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT until you or time expire, whatever comes first.

You'll feel superhuman after this class.


Let's meet by the basketball courts. Please bring water.

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London Fields, Hackney, E8 3EU

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