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Barre Riot: it's mayhem on the mat.


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Barre is by now a very well-known workout method derived from ballet, dance, general fitness, pilates and some yoga. There will be small, specific pulsing and squeezing as well as big range of movements to improve and maintain strength and stability as well as mobility and flexibility. The focus of the whole workout is ultimately total body, from the core outwards to the top of the head, fingertips and toe tips and everything in between.

Barre has been through so much adaptation and adjustment by many teachers much more experience than I, and I benefit greatly from their classes. It is now extremely versatile. There are classes where the focus might be more dance, some more cardio and some even adopt the format of hiit, interval training. Never a dull moment in a barre studio for sure.

I invite you to join my amazing guys and have some super sweaty fun. If nothing else, come for the entertainment which I aim to provide.

Good health to you all and see you all in class.


We will warm up with light cardio and basic mobility movements such as side stretches, reaches, forward folds to open up our backs and hamstring to be ready for class. Then we'll get on with core work- core work in all its guises including arms and backs, then onto the juicy glute sequence, closing off with more core and stretching. It's a sweatbox and it's a good one.

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